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Why The Southeastern Conference Dominates College Football

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There is a simple reason the Southeastern Conference has dominated college football for the last 6 years. Great athletes with size, speed and strength.

A lot of teams are able to recruit some speed at running back, wide receiver and in the defensive backfield. But the teams in the SEC lead the way in recruiting what wins national championships, offensive and defensive lineman. Especially big, quick and fast defensive lineman. That’s why the Southeastern Conference teams have such great defensive squads.

Look at the top 200 senior football players in the country each year and you will notice a pattern. The top offensive and defensive lineman usually wind up in the SEC. The SEC gets players in the NFL. The top 200 players coming out of high school all want to play in the NFL. Most of the great defensive players will sign with SEC schools. Even teams like Vanderbilt are starting to get some top players. The rest of the country can load up on QBs and WRs but the SEC schools will sign what it takes to win championships. They have the formula. Other teams are getting close but they just don’t have the defensive tradition to compete.

Great defense will beat great offense 90% of the time.

You got to have 22 players at a minimum that can step up and play defense when you need it each game.  All these no huddle and hurry up offenses do wear teams down if you don’t have the backups on defense that can step in and play without the defense losing very much.  That’s where the teams in the  Southeastern Conference get you. They have the defensive players that can come off the bench and stop you.

So now as we are getting into the real heat of the recruiting season check out how many lineman (offensive and defensive) and linebackers your team recruits this year.  Then look at how many of them are in the top 200 players in the country. Even better than that.  Look at the top 100 linemen in the country. The top 200 players has to many flashy RBs,QBs,DBs and WRs on the list. You want your team to get as many of those top 100 lineman as possible.

Until teams start outside the Southeastern Conference start beating SEC teams at recruiting those top 100 linemen the SEC will continue to dominate college football.



Crazy Conferences Trying To Climb Up And Craziness In The Bowls

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Long climb to top the SEC

These conferences are going crazy trying to grow. I don’t know what they must be thinking?  Bigger is better.

By expanding to as many teams as possible I guess they think it’s going to give them more of a chance at the pot of gold. I don’t think it helps their chances of getting into major bowls at all.

As a matter of fact they are probably going to break some of the schools within their conference by making them fly all across the U.S. to play each other.

I heard some nonsense about the Big East will be able to have teams playing in 4 different time zones so more of their games can be seen on TV. Please who wants to watch their games other than the teams fans. Some of the games will have to start about 9:00 in the morning I guess.

How about trying to increase the quality of the football teams you have now. I will agree getting Boise State will give you a chance at having a decent football team each year in the conference but how can the fans of teams you have now afford to go to Boise and San Diego? San Diego is a nice city but you better have a few dollars. Don’t think you will have many students making that trip

It’s all about the TV dollar.

Just like the bowls this year. Virginia Tech is a really bad football team that should have never been number 5 in the nation. All you had to do was look at the schedule they played this year. I am a big Frank Beamer fan but I knew they were not a top 15 team but nobody asked me and I don’t have a vote. No way should they be in a BCS bowl. Frank has to be embarrassed.

And Michigan in a BCS Bowl. How did that happen? They probably will not even finish in the top ten even if they win. Which they should against this Virginia Tech team.

The whole bowl fiasco this year screams it’s time for a 4 team playoff. Not a teaking as BCS officials say they will do. I really want to see Alabama-LSU again but I would also like to see Oklahoma State play against a real defense.

One thing is for sure. We will have another SEC National Champion.

Oh yeah in the final polls SEC could finish with four of the top 5 or 6 teams in the nation and five in the top ten if Georgia breaks through after the bowl season.

SEC Championship Preview

LSU and Georgia will play for the SEC Championship Saturday. Just looking on paper this should be a blow out with LSU beating the pants off Georgia. But when Georgis was 0-2 I said in several posts that Georgia was the best 0-2 team in the country. They haven’t lost a game since them.

South Carolina was in the drivers seat for the East title after beating Georgia but I figured they would lose one conference game at Arkansas. What no one saw coming was the Auburn upset of the Gamecocks in Columbia. That meant the Gamecocks had to win out and of they lost at Arkansas like I thought they would. Meanwhile Georgia did not lose another conference game after losing to South Carolina.

It helped that they did not have to play any of the big three teams in the SEC West, but that’s the way it goes. So they have to try and slow down the number one ranked Tigers on Saturday.

Georgia has been playing really good defense and they move the ball on the ground pretty good this year behind their gigantic offensive line. If the offensive line gives Aaron Murray time he can pick you apart.

LSU is favored by 14 points for a reason though. Their defense is incredible. Georgia will have to hope for a game like the Alabama game against LSU where neither team could score. I don’t think LSU will run up and down the field on them but I figure LSU will score at least 21 points.

Can Georgia score in the 20s against LSU. The only way is if they can create turnovers and come up with some big special team plays. Georgia would like to keep the ball on the ground, run some clock and keep it low scoring. I don’t think their defense is good enough to do that.

But I Mark Richt shows why he is a great coach and keeps them in the game for 3 quarters. After that the LSU athletes will be to much.

LSU 24- Georgia 10